Vol. XI, No. 3

Winter, 1999

CSA/AIA Project Database

As announced in the last issue of the Newsletter, CSA and the Archaeological Institute of America are cooperating to gather information about archaeological projects in the Mediterranean basin. A questionnaire was included in the Fall, 1998, Newsletter, and the questionnaire was also sent out on various Internet discussion lists. The response has been good, and there are already more than 50 projects in the database.

Submissions have been put into a database, and the database version of the information will be returned to project personnel for verification. When the data have been approved, the information will be made available on the Web. (There is no URL yet, but CSA and ADAP Web pages will lead to the page when it is ready.)

Originally, the data were to be presented with two indices, one for geographic location and another for chronological coverage. The nature of the data, however, makes it virtually impossible to index according to chronology. It was expected that different scholars would use different terms but not that the level of specificity would vary so widely. As a result, making an index has, at least for the moment, proved impossible.

The article in the Newsletter and the announcements on the Internet urged people to respond by the end of October, 1998. That was not intended to be a firm deadline; so please respond now if you have not done so previously. To get a copy of the questionnaire or to fill it out electronically, use this URL: www.csanet.org/newsletter/fall98/nlf9806.html.

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