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The CSA CAD Guide for Archaeologists and Architectural Historians

Harrison Eiteljorg, II

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Important notice: The CSA web site was re-designed in August of 2010. Some documents then available were considered complete and static; so they were not included in the re-design and were not updated. This is one of those documents. Information about dates of posting and revision remains here, but there will be no revision of any kind after August, 2010.



This guide was written in cooperation with the Archaeology Data Service in England. At a point in the editing process, there began to be two separate versions, an ADS version, which is part of the Guide to Good Practice series and includes contributions by various authors, and this CSA version, which benefits from some early comments from Jeremy Huggett and preliminary editing by Kate Fernie but is otherwise the responsibility of Harrison Eiteljorg, II. The CSA version was subsequently altered further to apply only to archaeology and architectural history; the ADS Guide is intended to apply to a broader set of disciplines.

My thanks to Autodesk®, Inc. for helping to sponsor this guide.

I must also make clear the contributions of Susan C. Jones, my CSA colleague, to this work. Her assistance has been critical, not only as a reader and an editor, but as critic when appropriate and as collaborator on many occasions. Susan has pointed out inconsistencies, discussions that were too short and summary, and important omissions. This work is much better because of her assistance.

My gratitude goes as well to Jeffrey A. Cohen, architectural historian and Director of the Bryn Mawr College Digital Media and Visual Resouce Center, for reading the penultimate version of this and providing many helpful comments. When asked to read the guide, Jeff did not simply read it quickly and provide a few comments. He read it carefully and made many important and valuable suggestions for which I am very grateful.

Since this is an electronic document, changes can be made easily. Therefore, I would appreciate hearing from readers about errors, infelicitous or imprecise language, omissions, needed illustrations, and the like. I am eager to make sure that the guide does its job as well as possible.

This guide has been designed as a Web document. As a result, printed versions may or may not suit readers' needs -- or be of any consequence. I would appreciate comments regarding the format, whether more attention should be paid to printed versions, whether illustrations should be larger or smaller, whether the individual files should be larger or smaller, and so on. When making those comments, please note that one of our design concerns has been the high likelihood that Web search processes may not lead readers here, to the beginning of the guide, but directly to virtually any word of any chapter.

Harrison Eiteljorg, II
June, 2002

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