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The CSA CAD Guide for Archaeologists and Architectural Historians

Important notice: The CSA web site was re-designed in August of 2010. Some documents then available were considered complete and static; so they were not included in the re-design and were not updated. This is one of those documents. Information about dates of posting and revision remains here, but there will be no revision of any kind after August, 2010.


Table of Contents

Home Page and Preface for the CSA CAD Guide for Archaeology and Architectural History

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Chapter I. Introduction and Basic Matters

Chapter II. Data Gathering

Chapter III. Creating CAD Models

Chapter IV. Some Examples of CAD Models and Model Making

Chapter V. Evaluation, Preservation, and Conclusion

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© Center for the Study of Architecture (CSA). Revision history: This is the first version of this document, posted June 2002. August 2010 update included only the addition of the note in the header.