Vol. IX, No. 3

November, 1996

New AIA Publication Series

The Archaeological Institute of America has taken a strong stand on the issue of publication of projects by scholars in charge. The recently adopted Code of Professional Standards makes clear the Institute's view that publication is a responsibility of project directors. Nonetheless, it is also obvious that many old excavations and other field projects, long concluded and now neglected, are likely to remain unpublished indefinitely. When no individual or institution takes responsibility for these projects now, they languish.

To try to remedy that situation, the AIA has announced a new series of publications specifically for material from projects that have been concluded long enough ago that no person or institution continues to carry the responsibility for publication. The Institute has issued the following call for proposals.

The Publications Committee of the AIA wishes to support the publication of unpublished materials from field projects that have been concluded or suspended for some time.

Scholars who have access to such materials and plans to publish them are urged to contact the Publications Committee. Proposals do not need to be accompanied by a completed manuscript, but they must include a full and specific statement of the goal of the project, the work that has already been done, the work that remains to be done, and the type of assistance required. Partial manuscripts or sample catalogue entries may be submitted as supporting material.

The committee will examine all submissions with care and may offer assistance other than publication if, given the limitations of the funding available to the Institute, publication of the material by the AIA is not possible. This support may be in the form of small grants for specific and limited tasks that are required prior to publication (for example, drawing, photography, photographic processing), advice and help in securing such funding, assistance with electronic portions of the publication, or assistance in finding an appropriate publisher.

A subcommittee of the AIA Monographs Committee, consisting of Professors Susan Rotroff (Washington University) and R. Ross Holloway (Brown University), will receive and evaluate proposals.

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