Vol. XXVII, No. 1 — April, 2014


Articles in Vol. XXVII, No. 1

Reading on the Web
New systems bring simpler approaches.
-- Andrea Vianello

Digital Data — Ur of the Chaldees: Making a Virtual Vision Possible
Making old information fit the modern world.
-- William B. Hafford

Website Review: National Register of Cultural Monuments (of Estonia)
An exemplar for a national cultural database.
-- Andrea Vianello

Preserving Photographs
The ADS is already doing this.
-- Harrison Eiteljorg, II

The Time Has Come: CSA Newsletter Ceases Publication
All good things must come to an end.
-- Harrison Eiteljorg, II

The CSA Newsletter Over the Years
Topics, authors, and approaches have varied.
-- Harrison Eiteljorg, II

The Future of Digital Technology in Archaeology
What is in store for us in the future?
-- Harrison Eiteljorg, II

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The Time Has Come: CSA Newsletter Ceases Publication

Harrison Eiteljorg, II

(See email contacts page for the author's email address.)

This is the last issue of the CSA Newsletter. It has been evident to the CSA Board of Directors for some time that the end of the newsletter's life was drawing near, and it seemed to all, at a March meeting of the board, that a quick end was preferable to a long, drawn-out one. Thus, we agreed that CSA will not produce issues after this one. However, CSA personnel will be available to assist if any individual or institution would like to carry on the newsletter in some form. We believe there remains a need for a publication focusing on digital matters, but the CSA Newsletter will no longer endeavor to be that publication.

It is not possible to stop the newsletter without thanking the many people who have been instrumental to its success, most prominently of course, those who have written for the newsletter. Here I dare not privilege one author over another, but I must mention Andrea Vianello who has written so many website reviews as well as other articles and who also co-authored articles on electronic publication in archaeology with me. His regular work for the newsletter over the last few years has been critical. I must also mention Susan Jones who wrote many pieces and who regularly helped make sure that my own prose was more clear, more on-target, and less verbose than it would otherwise have been. Many others have been important for the newsletter, not only as authors but as supporters, readers, responders, and ambassadors. We thank all of you who have done so much to make the newsletter better.

It is also important here to thank the CSA Board of Directors, both the current members (Samuel H. Francis; Charles A. Fritz, III; Richard Hamilton; and John A. C. McMurtrie) and those who served in that capacity in prior years (Calvin S. Drayer, Jr., and Philip Chase). Others whose advice and counsel have been greatly appreciated include George F. Bass and G. Kenneth Sams (who have served on the advisory board, as did Richard Hamilton before joining the Board of Directors and as did the late Judith Binder and Machteld J. Mellink) and J. Penny Small and John Sanders (who are CSA Adjunct Professors). Thanks must also go to Phoebe Sheftel, who has been so helpful in so many ways that it is neither possible to list them all nor to thank her adequately.

To all of those mentioned above — and to you, our readers — we offer our gratitude and our best wishes.

-- Harrison Eiteljorg, II



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