Vol. XI, No. 1

Spring, 1998

Using AutoCAD with Medieval Architecture

Dr. Marie-Therese Zenner is an architectural historian who has been working on the Medieval priory at Nevers (in the Burgundy region) for some time. She recently came to CSA for training in AutoCAD, and she spent a few days working with the tutorial that has been available on line at http://csa.brynmawr.edu/web1/tutorial.html. (The current address is www.csanet.org/inftech/tutorial.html - 11 July 2000.).

After completing work on the tutorial, Ms. Zenner began to digitize a drawing of the priory so that she could illustrate some of her ideas about the use of linear dimensions in the design and construction of the building. After one false start caused by Mr. Eiteljorg (who attached a CalComp digitizer to the computer but neglected to change the configuration in AutoCAD to reflect the change in digitizers), Ms. Zenner was able to digitize the plan rather quickly and to produce drawings that will aid in presenting her thoughts at a forthcoming conference.

The drawings were made into slides by exporting them from AutoCAD to Adobe® Illustrator® and sending them to a graphics house that made them into 35 mm. slides. That process was relatively painless with Release 14, since it can export drawings in so many formats.

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